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Hasamezu Series

Hasamezu Soy Sauce

Hasamezu dark color

This is our best-selling product.It is a masterpiece that combines traditional techniques since its founding with new ingenuity.It can be used in a wide variety of ways.You can put it on, you can put it on, you can boil it.It makes your daily cooking delicious.


Hasamezu Usui-iro is a product that is characterized by its transparent light color and rich taste that cannot be imagined from its color.The salt concentration is as low as about 12%, which is equivalent to Koiro.Please use this for dishes that you do not want to add Kansai-style color.

Hasamezu sashimi

Tamari type Hasamezu, slightly sweet.It can be used not only for sashimi, but also for simmering fish, teriyaki, tsukudani, yakiniku sauce, etc.

Optional cock (for 20L)

Spout - 20L-use

220 yen(tax included)

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