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Hasamezu Series

Hasamezu Soy Sauce

Hasamezu Dark Series

This is our best-selling product. It is a masterpiece that combines traditional techniques, used since our establishment, with new ingenuity. It can be used in many different ways. It is an almighty product good or dressing, pickling, and boiling.

Hasamezu light series

Hasamezu light is a product characterized by an almost-transparent pale color and a rich taste that cannot be imagined from the color. The salt concentration is as low as about 13%, which is equivalent to that of Dark. This is recommended for dishes to which you don't want to add dark colors in Kansai-style.

Hasamezu Sashimi series

It is a dipping-type Hasamezu. It is thick and sweet. It can be used not only for sashimi, but also for various uses such as boiled fish, grilled fish, tsukudani, and a sauce for grilled meat.
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