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What is Hasamezu? 

What is Hasamezu soy sauce?

The soy sauce "Hasamezu" used for cooking was named by second generation Tomohiro Kawamukai.Hearing from an old man in Kyoto, ``In the olden days, soy sauce was called 'Hasamezu,' meaning that it was a dish that could not be eaten with chopsticks." is.

The secret to becoming a best-selling product

The brewery, wooden barrels, and koji room have a history of over 120 years.
Designated as a registration tangible cultural property, the entire storehouse is like a museum.
You can also take a tour, so please come by all means.


The barrels made of Yoshino cedar are still used as they were when the restaurant was founded.About 20 barrels are used to carefully mature the moromi for 2 to 4 years. The secret to its deliciousness is the yeast that has been ingrained in it for over 120 years.

giraffe press

The 6-meter zelkova tree is as long as a giraffe's neck, so it is called a giraffe-type press.Unlike machine-pressing, the yield is deliberately kept to 70% to prevent impurities from appearing.This is probably the only one that exists in Japan. Designated as a registration tangible cultural property.
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