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About Receipts

How We Issue Receipts


You will receive from us a shipping completion email, after which you can issue your own receipt from My Page.

You can issue it at any time at your convenience by following the steps below.

* Emails sent from us may be sorted to the junk email folder.
If it takes a long time to issue the requested receipt, please check your junk mail folder just in case.

Step 1

Please check [Request] in the [Receipt] field at the bottom of [STEP 2] of your order, and then enter the desired address and proviso.

Step 2

After receiving the shipping completion email from us, please log in to My Page and click [Order History].

Step 3

Receipt Click [View Details] for your desired order.

Step 4

Please check the contents and click [Receipt Output].

Step 5

The receipt will be displayed on the screen, so please print it out and use it.
You can also download it as a PDF.
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