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Vinegar, yuzu dance, dashi soy sauce, miso, mirin

Hasamezu Vinegar

Even people who don't like vinegar can use it.Mild vinegar made from brewed vinegar.
Please use it as a vinegared dish or sushi vinegar.

Hasamezu Vinegar 1.8L

864 yen (tax included)

Hasamezu Vinegar 900ml

594 yen (tax included)

Yuzu no Mai

A brightly colored ponzu soy sauce made by combining fragrant Tokushima seedling yuzu, brewed vinegar, and soy sauce.
With a sour and refreshing finish, it is the second most popular product after Hasamezu soy sauce.

Yuzu no Mai 500mlRecommended

702 yen(tax included)

Yuzu no Mai 120ml

324 yen(tax included)

Hasamezu dashi soy sauce

Soy sauce based on Hasamezu with bonito and kombu dashi added. 
By devising a recipe, it is a convenient product that can be used in various ways, including mentsuyu.
* Be sure to store in the refrigerator after opening.

Hasamezu Mentsuyu 500ml

626 yen(tax included)

Hasamezu Mentsuyu 120ml

324 yen(tax included)

Hasamezu White Soy Sauce 200ml

540 yen(tax included)

handmade miso

This raw miso is fermented and aged for over a year using rice and soybeans from Mie Prefecture.
Please try the nostalgic taste with plenty of koji.

Rice Miso 500g

594 yen(tax included)

Combination Miso 500g

594 yen(tax included)

Tama miso 500gNotice

594 yen(tax included)

Mirin-style Seasoning

Sakashio 1.8L

980 yen(tax included)

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