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Vinegar / Mentsuyu / Ponzu / Miso / Mirin

Even people who do not like vinegar can enjoy this product. Made with brewed vinegar to create a mild vinegar.

Hasamezu Vinegar

Hasamezu Vinegar

864 yen (tax included)

Hasamezu Vinegar 900mlRecommendation

594 yen (tax included)

Hasamezu Dashi Soy Sauce Series

With Hasamezu as the base, Katsuodashi Konbudashi is added to make dashi soy sauce. By devising this recipe, we made a convenient product that can be used in various ways, including as mentsuyu. It has a soft palate with less salt, but be sure to put it in the refrigerator.

Hasamezu Mentsuyu 500ml

594 yen(tax included)

Hasamezu Dashi Soy Sauce 120ml

324 yen(tax included)

Hasamezu White Soy Sauce 200ml

540 yen(tax included)

Yuzu no Mai series

A new type of yuzu ponzu vinegar that combines seedling yuzu from Tokushima, Marucho vinegar, and light Hasamezu. It is a popular product with a refreshing and sour finish.

Yuzu no Mai 500ml

702 yen(tax included)

Yuzu no Mai 120ml

324 yen(tax included)

Handmade miso series

Rice Miso 500g

432 yen(tax included)

Combination Miso 500g

432 yen(tax included)

Mirin-style Seasoning

Sakashio 1.8L

972 yen(tax included)

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