Authentically Handcrafted Japanese Soy Sauce
matured in 100-year brewery

Handmade taste not to change in old days in pursuit of feelings without regretting it in trouble time.
You are loved by a local person and seem to be able to continue buying it from the whole country, the whole world,
I pursue delicious soy sauce. 
Feelings of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop
What continue using a storehouse and the tool more than 120 years ago is because the yeast fungus which the whole storehouse was stained with is a source of the soy sauce of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop. We use the removal of fat processing soybean after having squeezed oil at most soy sauce breweries, but we use the traditional Marudai bean.
This month 1 push product
I will introduce a push product on this month 1 that a Fukuoka soy sauce shop chooses. Please buy it at this opportunity. 
To sushi and sashimi!
Sauce fully luxurious in an apple

A new product!
To refreshing juice!
Product lineup
Hasamezu soy sauce
Hasamezu soy sauce
It is our store's best bestseller product.
It is the masterpiece which let a new inventive idea fuse with traditional technique since the founding.
Choice soy sauce
Choice soy sauce
It is the re-training soy sauce of the highest grade in our store. It is strong, and there is sweetness and is the soy sauce which is most suitable for sashimi.
Other seasonings
Other seasonings
Plant raised from a seed citron and circle butterfly vinegar from Tokushima are lightly the citron ponzu vinegar of the new type that they matched color hasamezu with.
The classic country miso.
It is an additive, preservative nonuse by use of triple regional Marudai beans.
Gift item
Gift item
Longtime seller product of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop
It is a gift set available of "the hasamezu".
Other excellent articles for sale
Other excellent articles for sale
An excellent article for sale that Iga, Mie was covered with the simple taste that there was not by the mass production.
Halal mark
Fukuoka soy sauce acquired HALAL certification.
"HALAL" means "allowed to use by Islam". You can recognize HALAL products by identification mark on their packages.
In Japan, great importance was attached to hospitality after the announcement of Tokyo Olympic 2020, and HALAL products has been drawing more attention recently.
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