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Special Selection Hasamezu

Inishihe is the highest quality product in the special Hasamezu series. Highly rich in flavor, this fine product is aged for three to four years from preparation.
The brew has a traditional taste that comes from the origin of the Hasamezu series. Please try it once.


Special Hasamezu Inishihe 200ml

648 yen(tax included)

Main Brew Series

This is the best soy sauce squeezed from 100% domestically produced whole soybeans. The sweetness uses oligosaccharides that are gentle on the stomach. You can enjoy the original taste of fried food without using chemical seasonings.

Main Brew 900ml

1,620 yen(tax included)

Main Brew 200ml

432 yen(tax included)

Main Brew 120ml

324 yen(tax included)

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