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About the postage

Hasamezu OnlineShop rule

◆ The product which ordered by Sagawa Express or Yu-Pack is delivered.
  It is the same rate even if I use whichever.
◆ The necessary days vary according to a delivery area, weight the postage. Put a product in the basket
  The rate is calculated automatically when I advance to the payment, but exceeds the maximum number of one mouth
  The ta case divides it into multiple times, and please order it.
◆ When the total of the product becomes than 100 size, I am displayed with "the postage separately".
  A payment method of cash on delivery, a postal transfer, the bank transfer a customer of the choice later
  The email of the postage decision arrives.
  In the case of the credit card settlement and the convenience store settlement, order it for the postage separately
  I am not precocious. You distribute amount and order it, or please choose other settlement methods.
◆ With a consumption tax increase from October 1, 2019 the shipping and handling of 10% of consumption taxes
  I become a target. I'm very sorry, but please understand it
  I express it. (a COD fee: 335 yen)
[indication of postage (tax-included)]
The destination The prefecture Hokkaido Tohoku
Kanto ・
The central part
Kyushu Okinawa
Size Indication
900 ml
691 1,211 821 734 821 935 1,150
1.8 L
873 1,402 1,020 935 1,020 1,115 1,383
900 ml
1.8 L
1,090 1,609 1,219 1,133 1,219 1,323 1,618
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TEL: 0595-59-3121
FAX: 0595-59-3171
Business hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)
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