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"Dark" Recipes

Grilled Rice Balls


Grilled Rice Balls

■ Rice 2 go (4 rice balls)   
■ Hasamezu 1 tablespoon Koiro
■ Mirin       1 tsp
■ Ooba If you like

[Surface sauce
■ Hasamezu 1 tablespoon Koiro
■ 1 teaspoon mirin

[How to make]
① Add Hasamezu Koiro and Mirin to the rice, add the chopped perilla leaves to your liking, mix well, and squeeze the rice balls.
② Put the rice balls in a frying pan and apply the sauce for the surface while baking on medium heat.
  When it gets brown, bake it while applying the sauce on one side in the same way.
③ Complete when both sides are browned
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