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Guide of the buying

About a delivery date

About a delivery date

Welcome to the hasamezu online shop

Thank you very much for using a hasamezu online shop.
The notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law from this.

About the postage

◆ The product which ordered by Sagawa Express or Yu-Pack is delivered.
  It is the same rate even if I use whichever.
◆ The necessary days vary according to a delivery area, weight the postage. Put a product in the basket
  The rate is calculated automatically when I advance to the payment, but exceeds the maximum number of one mouth
  The ta case divides it into twice, and please order it.
[indication of the postage] (tax-included)
The destination The prefecture Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto and Koshinetsu
The central part
Kyushu Okinawa
Size Indication
900 ml
679 1,189 807 721 807 918 1,130
1.8 L
858 1,377 1,002 918 1,002 1,095 1,359
900 ml
1.8 L
1,070 1,463 1,198 1,112 1,198 1,299 1,589

About a payment method

1.Credit card

A credit card a customer of the choice,
I send it out with precedence.

2.Convenience store payment

The customer of the choice is merua of the registration by a convenience store payment
Combination designated with a reception desk number transmitted to a dress
Please pay in ni by a time limit. After confirming payment
Please note that it becomes the shipment.
When cannot confirm it by a deadline for receipt of money; is a mosquito automatically
Hmm, I was by an order procedure again as it became the cell
I pray for kuyoo.
Even if two days pass, the email of the notice of payment reception desk number does not arrive
Please refer for the case directly.

3.Cash on delivery payment

The chosen customer accepts a cash on delivery payment in the morning
If is an order of this; the same day, acceptance of the afternoon are of the next business day
It becomes so. It is a quotient for a carrier of the home delivery on the arrival of the product
Please pay in exchange for an article directly.
A COD fee: 335 yen (tax-included)

4.Bank transfer, postal transfer

The customer of the choice is nyukinkaku by bank transfer or postal transfer
It becomes the shipment of mitomego. The transfer fee is burden mine
I pray for masuyoo.
Of the postal transfer when it takes around 3-5 days for confirming payment; gaa
In the case of rimasunode, dispatch a credit card again
This recommends cash on delivery.
In addition, when I cannot confirm the receipt of money within two weeks
I should cancel an order
. The top to understand
I hope that I come.
◆A postal transfer:
Japan Post Bank 00880-7-19547 Fukuoka soy sauce shop
◆Bank transfer:
Mie Bank Shimagahara Branch (*) 763126
Fukuoka soy sauce shop

About a sign-in, login

1.Customer of the use having never met you

Please subscribe the customer using our shop for the first time.
When I order the sign-in from a shopping bag before the shopping and file, I can do it from either.
The customer subscribed earlier would like it from this.

2.The customer who already finishes a sign-in

When, about the customer finishing a sign-in, is already to a new cart than an old cart in us; customer information
It shifts, but resets a login ID, a password by convenience of the system.
Excuse me, but I have you log in with e-mail address of ID = registration, password = 12345 and am registered
After checking information, please reset a password.

3.The customer who is subscribed, but cannot log in well anymore

I'm very sorry, but e-mail addresses are different when cannot log in though is registered, or a shift of the information
There is the possibility that I do not do well. Excuse me, but to have register newly; in request remarking
The re-registration from this
Subscribe (new person)
My page (registered person)
Fukuoka soy sauce shop
1330, Shimagahara, Iga-shi, Mie Prefecture
TEL: 0595-59-3121
FAX: 0595-59-3171
Business hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)
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