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Sauce, dressing

200 ml of Demi Grace soy sauce

The hot sweet soy sauce which was thick like a source

200 ml of Demi Grace soy sauce

Product number:1081
WEB member special price432円 (Including tax)
Retail price desired540円(Including tax)

Increase sweetness with honey in the color that hasamezu has dark, is agar detoromiotsukemashita with a sharp taste with chili pepper.
It is an interesting item even if I use it as a source for the deep-fried food as a source for the meat again.

[indication such as raw materials]
 A name: Soy sauce artefact (Demi Grace soy sauce)
 Raw materials name: Soy sauce, amino acid liquid, grape sugar fructose liquid sugar, sugar, honey, agar,
      Chili pepper/alcohol, seasoning (amino acids), caramel pigment
 Inner capacity: 200 ml
 The expiration date: From a filling day about 12 months
 A preservation method: I avoid direct rays of the sun and save it at normal temperature
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