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Hasamezu series

Hasamezu soy sauce

The color series that hasamezu has dark

It is our store's best bestseller product. It is the masterpiece which let a new inventive idea fuse with traditional technique since the founding. The application is a great variety of. I run and quit it and I attach it and quit it and am stewed teyoshino almighty product.

It is lightly color series hasamezu

It is thin, and does (I lightly die) have the image to be hard? As for the hasamezu, the dark color to be (strong), and to say has the same salt. Please use it for time when you do not want to add a color to dishes or soup stock of the soup udon.

Hasamezu sashimi series

I stand and am the hasamezu of the type. There are toromigaari, the sweetness, too. Let alone sashimi use the hard-boiled fish shine, and it is possible for firing, foods boiled down in soy, various how to use roasted meat such as laying upons of the sauce.
Hasamezu sashimi 1.8L

Hasamezu sashimi 1.8L (bottle)

972円(Including tax)

Hasamezu sashimi 900ML

Hasamezu sashimi 900ML (bottle)

648円(Including tax)

Hasamezu sashimi 1L

Hasamezu sashimi 1L (PET)

594円(Including tax)

Hasamezu sashimi 120ML

Hasamezu sashimi 120ML

324円(Including tax)

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