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Hasamezu dumpling

It is a hasamezu dumpling of the one piece of article

Hasamezu dumpling

594円(Including tax)

It is the fragrant, high dumpling which "a dark color" was kneaded into without being able to catch it in both skin and the bean jam.
I use domestic fresh vegetables and pork, wheat flour from Hokkaido.

[delicious how to eat]
・At first it is the same without soaking anything
・The second is vinegar soy sauce
・The third is onion dressing
・The fourth is a dance of the citron……

Please try it.

I heard the order for "hasamezu dumpling" (one piece of article) only by a telephone, an email, FAX.
In addition, the settlement method becomes only cash on delivery or the previous transfer (bank, postal savings).
The shipment uses express messenger cool delivery service (the freezing) of Sagawa Express.
The dumpling which I can send out with one mouth is 1-6.
In the case of either number, the postage, Kool charges become the same amount of money.
(e.g.,: in the case of the shipment to the central part, the Kansai area)
・The postage  :935 yen (tax-included)/unit mouth
・Kool charges: 330 yen (tax-included)/unit mouth
Please contact me on an order as follows.
TEL : 0595-59-3121
FAX : 0595-59-3171
[indication such as raw materials]
 A name: Frozen dumplings (half-finished goods)
 Raw materials name: Vegetables (cabbage, Chinese chives, ginger, garlic)
      Skin (wheat flour, soy sauce, salt), pork, soy sauce, sesame oil,
      This mirin, salt, yeast extract, pepper,
      (in a part including wheat, pork, a soybean, the sesame)
 Inner capacity: 12
 The expiration date: From a production date about six months
 A preservation method: The freezing (please save it in -18 degrees Celsius or less) required
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