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Halal certification product

200 ml of colors that HALAL does not cool down, and is dark

Hasamezu for HALAL!

200 ml of colors that HALAL does not cool down, and is dark

Product number:1172-K
WEB member special price432円(Including tax)
Retail price desired540円(Including tax)

This article is soy sauce for HALAL of our storehouse's best bestseller product.

I add oo such as vegetable amino acids to a fried bean curd (the Marudai beans training) which a tradition of 110 rest of life produced and am a masterpiece for the new age when I fuse and was able to make new originality, invention into it.
Feelings to thorough taste do not have the compromise. As for the application, having many kinds is various.
I boil it and quit it and I run and am good. From here, originality, invention of the cooking person is valid.
Using this article, please enjoy a variation of various cooking.

What is hasamezu?
Dishes to have the taste that is by no means inferior to a single dish though it is seasoning, and not to be able to pick up with chopsticks definitely.
It is the longtime seller product "hasamezu" of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop.

It is usable to such dishes
Nikujaga, tamago kake gohan, a fry-up, stewed dishes, tofu served cold.
[indication such as raw materials]
 A name: Soy sauce artefact (dark color)
 Raw materials name: Soy sauce, amino acid liquid, grape sugar fructose liquid sugar,/seasoning (amino acids),
      Sweetener (Glycyrrhiza), caramel (in a part including a soybean, the wheat)
 Inner capacity: 200 ml
 The expiration date: From a filling day about one year
 A preservation method: I avoid direct rays of the sun and save it at normal temperature
The recipe that used this product

●Soy sauce ricemalt

200 g of U.S. ricemalt
・Color 200cc that hasamezu has thick
How to make
It is good for a clean preservation container and enter and mix hasamezu well when with the U.S. ricemalt which I untied
・I mix it so that the whole ricemalt conflicts with atmosphere with a spoon once a day while I let you ferment at normal temperature for approximately one week
・The sho shitoromigadetara completion!
 ※Please save it in a refrigerator.


☆Please come to such dishes!

→Boiled greens with dressing, tamago kake gohan, chilled udon, please can match a tuna.
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