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Company profile

Company profile

Company name
Fukuoka soy sauce shop
The head office location
〒519-1711 1330, Shimagahara, Iga-shi, Mie Prefecture
Overseas store
Singaporean branch 228 Changi Road #B1-20 icon@Changi, 419741.
Phone number
FAX number
Representative director Mika Kawamukai
The establishment date
August, 1895 establishment
The number of employees
14 people
Duties contents
■Duties contents ■Production, sale of soy sauce, miso, other seasonings

Introduction of the Fukuoka soy sauce

It is the well-established storehouse more than founding 125 years in mountains of Iga-shi, Mie.
I do not depend on a modern machine for fusion with nature at all carefully and use a tool, the storehouse with founding those days on. A storehouse appointed in "Registration tangible cultural property" is the historical storehouse which the Agency for Cultural Affairs which the tourists of dozens of sets visit detected every year. I challenge the approach that led the whole country at any time to adopt an inventive idea of the new age without being particular only about a tradition.
I will pursue delicious soy sauce from now on to be loved by a local person, and to be able to continue buying it from the whole country, the whole world.

Feelings of the Fukuoka soy sauce

What continue using a storehouse and the tool more than 120 years ago is because the yeast fungus which the whole storehouse was stained with is a source of the soy sauce of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop. We use the removal of fat processing soybean after having squeezed oil at most soy sauce breweries, but we use the traditional Marudai bean.

Fukuoka soy sauce in the future

Not only I protected the manufacturing method, a factory at the time of the founding, but also produced the new product which increased a change to soy sauce as an approach of the new times, "hasamezu soy sauce" series. It becomes one article that is easy to adjust to dishes as "a soy sauce artefact" more than conventional soy sauce. In addition, I classify the market expansion in foreign countries into the field of vision and I acquire the Halal certification and send the soy sauce of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop to the whole world.


August, 1895
Chota Fukuoka Fukuoka soy sauce shop founding
April, 1951
The Mie soy sauce miso industry cooperative enrollment
August, 1953
A storehouse is partially destroyed by a landslide caused by the typhoon No.28
Shake the earth continuously, and the thunder which is intense in Shimagahara-mura and the lightning named the ferociousness attack the fields and the house, and our store was attacked by despair, and, as for the trace of the pains, there still remains it to a giraffe compressor.
                 New Year holidays temple monument
It was prayed for such a disaster not being caused, and a monument was erected in a palm like the photograph mentioned above afterwards for view family temple New Year holidays in future.                          
August, 1955
I finance kabushikikaishasanjukenyuzurisha and become a stockholder
January, 1960
I do business and transfer a Fukuoka soy sauce shop to Tomohiro Kawamukai
It is kaishitei in development, a study of the new soy sauce
I become a member of Shimagahara-mura business and industry society
Development, the result of the study grow
A brand name as "hasamezu" a registered trademark
June, 1998
A giraffe compressor and a The brewing storehouse are Agency for Cultural Affairs Registration tangible cultural property designation

       Registration tangible cultural property plate

Registration number No. 24-0015
Wooden one-story house tile-roofing, building area 204m2

February, 2004
In a Fukuoka soy sauce shop a corporation
January, 2009
It is kawamukikeizoshunin for a storekeeper for the third generation
November, 2013
Factory, the some products Halal certification acquisition
March, 2014
Corporation setup in Singapore
July, 2020
Mika Kawamukai takes office as a storekeeper for the fourth generation
 Inquiry foam is this
TEL. 1111-111-111
I wait for the inquiry over the telephone
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Fukuoka soy sauce shop
1330, Shimagahara, Iga-shi, Mie Prefecture
TEL: 0595-59-3121
FAX: 0595-59-3171
Business hours: From 9:00 to 17:00 (weekdays)
■Duties contents■
Of soy sauce, miso, other seasonings
Production and sales
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