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Vinegar, noodles soup, ponzu vinegar, miso, ricemalt

Handmade miso series

Getting out storehouse miso soup

Additive-free freeze dry miso soup using the miso of the hasamezu

Getting out storehouse miso soup

Product number:1129
WEB member special price540円(Including tax)
Retail price desired648(Including tax)

I did miso soup of the classic taste that increased sweet shrimp and blue from Shima, Ise in rice from Mie and the miso which I fitted with a soybean in freeze dry.

I do not use an additive, the preservative at all.

For freeze dry, impromptu miso soup is completed just to pour hot water.
You can easily have it as an attendant of busy breakfast and lunch.

[indication such as raw materials]
 Name  :Impromptu miso soup
 Raw materials name: Compounding miso (domestic production), Ebie kiss, leek, blue, starch,
      Kombu powder, dried bonito, yeast extract (in a part including a soybean, the wheat)
 Inner capacity :10 g (with three)
 The expiration date: From a bagging day about 12 months
 A preservation method: Room-temperature preservation
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