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Vinegar, noodles soup, ponzu vinegar, miso, ricemalt

Handmade miso series

Laying upon miso

It is blend miso of hasamezu U.S. miso and the unrefined miso.

Laying upon miso

Product number:1121
WEB member special price420円(Including tax)
Desired retail price648(Including tax)

It is miso of the classic taste to have both sweetness of rice from Mie and the rice using the soybean and the taste of the soybean.

Please try it for the mackerel simmered in miso or sauteed miso, the dengaku of vegetables other than miso soup.

[indication such as raw materials]
 A name: Laying upon miso
 Raw materials name: Rice, soybean, wheat, salt
 Inner capacity: 500 g
 The expiration date: From a bagging day about 12 months
 A preservation method: I save it by all means in a refrigerator
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