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Vinegar, noodles soup, ponzu vinegar, miso, ricemalt

Handmade miso series

The mix which is soaked in unrefined sake

A delicious pickle is done immediately

The mix which is soaked in unrefined sake

Product number:1125
WEB member special price324円(税別)
Retail price desired324円(税別)

Squeezed hasamezu; squeeze it, and is refuse.
As taste of the hasamezu remains, there is a delicious pickle.
Please test it with various vegetables including a cucumber, an eggplant, a Japanese radish, a burdock, the carrot.
If it is soft vegetables, it is pickled in around two hours.

[indication such as raw materials]
 A name: The mix which is soaked in unrefined sake
 Raw materials name: Soybean, wheat, salt, amino acid liquid, glucose fructose liquid sugar, alcohol,
      Seasoning (amino acids), sweetener (Glycyrrhiza), caramel pigment
 Inner capacity: 1 kg
 The expiration date: From a bagging day about one and a half years
 A preservation method: I save it by all means in a refrigerator
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