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Vinegar, noodles soup, ponzu vinegar, miso, ricemalt

120 ml of dances of the citron

I use plant raised from a seed citron from South Tokushima!

120 ml of dances of the citron

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This which the extract of the citron dances in a bottle flutteringly is the origin of the name of this article.
Our mei* uses the fruit juice of the plant raised from a seed citron from South Tokushima to a base with circle butterfly vinegar without cooling down when thin.
This tripartite distinctive quality is put together and plays exquisite harmony.
In addition to how to use general ponzu vinegar such as hot pots, you put it on vegetables as non-oil dressing and do it like juice of citron and the sudachi and can touch an accent to the dishes depending on invention.

[indication such as raw materials]
 A name: Ponzu vinegar soy sauce
 Raw materials name: Synthetic vinegar (sugar, the U.S. fermentation seasoning, salt, acetic acid),
 Soy sauce, citron fruit juice, citron skin, dried bonito extract,
 Seasoning (amino acids), alcohol, sweetener (Glycyrrhiza)
(in a part including a soybean, the wheat)
 Inner capacity: 120 ml
The expiration date: From a filling day about 12 months
[recipe using this product]
●It is another one article by the dance of the citron!
I attach a grated radish to a grilled fish and am delicious for the dance of the plentiful citron without any regret, and it is how many and seems to be good!
・When you fry it with elingi mushroom, shiitake, shimejinadoironnakinokoo butter and eat, please hang the dance of the citron.
・I cut an onion to half and it is sultry and panfries it and does it and takes it by dried bonito and the dance of the citron.
・If I lightly blanch limit pork quickly and toss it, it becomes the main dish!
・It is usable as reckoning anyone of the fresh sauce dumpling of other dressing, roasted meat!
☆Saying a base of the dance of the citron is saying "hasamezu is thin"; "circle butterfly vinegar." It is the flavor that citron increases, and is very refreshing.
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