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Vinegar, noodles soup, ponzu vinegar, miso, ricemalt

Even the person who does not like vinegar is all right. It is easy-to-eat one article that there is not an acrid-smelling smell peculiar to vinegar as it is synthetic vinegar, and is slightly bittersweet.

Circle butterfly vinegar series

Is hasamezu; and soy sauce series

It is a bonito and adds kombu soup stock and straightens hasamezu to a base and is soy sauce. Including noodles soup, it is a convenient product having a variety of how to use by devising a recipe. It is the mouthfeel which salt is rather less, and is soft, but please put it in the refrigerator by all means.

Dance series of the citron

Plant raised from a seed citron and circle butterfly vinegar from Tokushima are lightly the citron ponzu vinegar of the new type that they matched color hasamezu with. It is a popular item of the light finish which worked of the acidity.

900 ml of dances of the citron

972円(Including tax)

500 ml of dances of the citron

648円(Including tax)

120 ml of dances of the citron

324円(Including tax)

Handmade miso series

The U.S. miso

432円(Including tax)

Laying upon miso

420円(Including tax)

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