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Vinegar, noodles soup, ponzu vinegar, miso, mirin

Mild and a little sweet. You can enjoy its smell and taste if you don’t usually use vinegar.


Dashi Soy sauce

Containing bonito and seaweed broth based on Dark soy sauce. Less salty and mild taste.
You can use in many ways in addition to noodle soup base. Need to keep in refrigerator.

Yuzu citrus vinegar

Containing a lot of yuzu grown in Tokushima prefecture (famous for its yuzu production) 
based on Light Hasamezu. Sour and zesty.

900 ml of dances of the citron

972円(Including tax)

500 ml of dances of the citron

648円(Including tax)

120 ml of dances of the citron

324円(Including tax)

Handmade miso series

Rice miso 500g

432円(Including tax)

Rice and soybean miso 500g

420円(Including tax)

Mirin-like seasoning

Mirin seasoning 1.8L

972円(Including tax)

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