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Choice hasamezu

This The brewing 900ML

This article runs and is soy sauce for exclusive use of (reckoning).

This The brewing 900ML

Product number:1061
WEB member special price1,620円(Including tax)
Normal price2,160円(Including tax)

This The brewing hasamezu uses only the extract of the first squeeze of the thing which I laid in the unrefined sake which I taught you with high quality domestic Marudai bean more than two years.
I do not add the food additives and add the oligosaccharide which is kind to a stomach to sweetness and finish it in refreshing sweetness.
This article runs and is soy sauce for exclusive use of (reckoning). I can have deliciously when I have you use it for sashimi, cold yakko.

What is hasamezu?

Dishes to have the taste that is by no means inferior to a single dish though it is seasoning, and not to be able to pick up with chopsticks definitely.
It is the longtime seller product "hasamezu" of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop.

It is usable to such dishes
Sashimi, boiled greens with dressing.
[indication such as raw materials]
An article name: Strong soy sauce (this The brewing)
Raw materials name: Soybean, wheat, salt, oligosaccharide
Inner capacity: 900 ml
The expiration date: From a filling day approximately one year
A preservation method: I save it in a refrigerator by all means
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