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Standard hasamezu soy sauce

The strong soy sauce "hasamezu soy sauce" that Japanese food is finished neatly

It is the marketable goods product which is the best in a Fukuoka soy sauce shop.
I prepare about 20 kinds of abundant variations, size.
I shut in a taste ingredient in a soybean without boiling a soybean with water by it being sultry at high pressure. In addition, with the soy sauce artefact which added vegetable amino acids to soy sauce of this normal The brewing, it became easy to use it for dishes than conventional soy sauce.
It is mellow and is not hot, and salt is held down to two-thirds of other soy sauce and is used as a hospital diet at some hospitals. The bestseller product which spread by word of mouth without spending advertising costs!

Specially made hasamezu series

It is the high quality soy sauce series that I left a good place of this The brewing for not to forget soy sauce original taste while investigating preference of the soy sauce of modern people.
I was particular about raw materials, the manufacturing method and selected carefully with domestic Marudai bean and I performed the re-training and hung before development for years.
It is the high quality soy sauce that production takes two years.
As you can enjoy the taste that is more profound than other soy sauce, for which wants to demand feelings from dishes, celebration dishes on a special day and New Year holidays, please use it for gifts.
I have you use it for not only the Japanese food but also the Western food including the carpaccio depending on a restaurant.
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