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What is hasamezu? 

What is “Hasamezu soy sauce”?

Hasamezu dark soy sauce makes dishes much better.
This is named by second-generation president Tomohiro Kawamukai.
He heard a story that ancient people in Kyoto used to call soy sauce as “Hasamezu”(In Japanese it means “can’t pick up”. Soy sauce can’t be picked up by chopsticks like dishes, but people enjoyed its taste like “liquid dishes”.)
He was impressed by the story and named his proud soy sauce “Hasamezu”.

The secret that became the bestseller product

I think that the soy sauce manufacturer where a tourist does not die out on a bus tour is rare in the whole country.
A pail, the room have history more than 100 years and are appointed as a storehouse of the Registration tangible cultural property of Mie.
The whole storehouse becomes like a museum.
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