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What is hasamezu? 

Characteristic, feelings

・With the hasamezu soy sauce
The strong soy sauce "hasamezu soy sauce" that Japanese food is finished neatly
Tomohiro Kawamukai named the cooked soy sauce "hasamezu" it for the second generation.
I named it saying "I could catch" the new soy sauce which the second generation when I heard it saying "I called soy sauce with "hasamezu" in the meaning called dishes not to be able to pick up with chopsticks in old days" took pains from an aged person of Kyoto and made it and gave.

The secret that became the bestseller product

I think that the soy sauce manufacturer where a tourist does not die out on a bus tour is rare in the whole country.
A pail, the room have history more than 100 years and are appointed as a storehouse of the Registration tangible cultural property of Mie.
The whole storehouse becomes like a museum.
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