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Storehouse of cultural assets

Barrel of 100 years

The pail made with Yoshino cedar uses the thing with founding those days on.
Using approximately 20 pails, I let unrefined sake mature during 2-4 years.
The yeast fungus which runs more than 100 years, and stayed is the secret of the taste of the Fukuoka soy sauce shop.

Giraffe compressor

Because the tree of zelkova of 6 meters is long, it is called a giraffe-type compressor like the neck of the giraffe.
As I hold it down to the yield to 70% unlike the compression with the machine daringly so that impurities do not appear and cannot squeeze it until oil appears, it is the good luxurious tradition manufacturing method to squeeze it, and to be finished with condition.
Existing in Japan probably only in our storehouse. It is specific cultural assets designation.

Storehouse of the Registration tangible cultural property

I think that the soy sauce manufacturer where a tourist does not die out on a bus tour is rare in the whole country.
A pail, the room have history more than 100 years and are appointed as a storehouse of the Registration tangible cultural property of Mie.
The whole storehouse becomes like a museum.

Hand-operated bottle plane

I let pressure be balanced, and soy sauce is contained to equal quantity without using the electricity.
All the exclusion and adding of the bottle is manual labor, too.
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