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Media publication information

■October, 2013

I was published in the dishes information magazine "dishes kingdom".
Probably because a special feature "chooses what kind of soy sauce as the chefs" Is similar; and of us "did the specialite de la maison to be without cooling down, and passed", and was introduced to ogo.

Past publication information

October, 2013
Cable TV "gather! This town kampani ~☆"
March, 2012
Chunichi Shimbunsha
November, 2011
Local information magazine "shiningly Iga"
November, 2011
January, 2011
Broadcasting satellite "is found kokoroji! The cheerful person of the town"
December, 2009
Chunichi Shimbunsha
September, 2003
The Sankei Shimbun
April, 2003
Alpha NET
February, 2003
NHK "weekend Kansai" whole country broadcast
February, 2002
Tokai TV
October, 2001
Tokai TV "pi - kan TV" broadcast
October, 2000
I broadcast Nippon Television "smile even as for when" nationwide
March, 2000
The Yomiuri Shimbun
June, 1999
Broadcast national in the Chukyo TV "zooming in dynasty"
March, 1999
Magazine in the All Nippon Airways airplane
November, 1997
The Mainichi Shimbun, the Sankei Shimbun, the Yomiuri Shimbun
December, 1996
NHK "hirudoki Japanese Islands" broadcast
June, 1994
Chukyo TV "Wanda full Japan" broadcast
May, 1994
Broadcast national in the Chukyo TV "zooming in dynasty"
October, 1992
Chukyo TV "tele boo sun" broadcast
April, 1991
Chukyo TV "hometown detective corps" broadcast
In addition, I am introduced in large number of media.

"udochanno goes on a trip, and, Chukyo TV "hometown detective corps" "tele boo sun" "Wanda full Japan," I'm sorry" "Kansai nationwide broadcasting by Nippon Television "smile even as for when" NHK in a weekend"; broadcast.
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