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About a receipt

Issuance of receipt method


The shipment completion email from us after the receipt,
The issuance of receipt in you is possible from my page.

According to the following procedure, you can issue it by convenience of the customer anytime.

※The email that transmitted from us may be divided in two by a junk email folder.
 When the issuance of receipt asked takes time, please confirm a junk email folder just to make sure.

Procedure 1

Please fill in a wanting address, proviso after having had you put a check in [you hope] with a column of [receipt] which there is in the lower part of [STEP2] of the order.

Procedure 2

You log in to my page after the receipt by the shipment completion email from us, and please click [order history].

Procedure 3

Please click [to see the details] of the order of the request for receipt.

Procedure 4

You have you confirm contents, and please click [the receipt output].

Procedure 5

As a receipt is displayed by a screen, you just print it, and please use it. The downloading is possible as PDF, too.
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