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Gift Items (1.8L)

Hasamezu Gift 1.8L (2 bottles) - 2 Dark

Feel free to give a gift in a white box Standard type

Hasamezu Gift 1.8L (2 bottles) - 2 Dark

Item Number:3052
WEB member special price2376 yen(tax included)
Suggested retail price2,808 yen(tax included)

 Hasamezu This is a set of two Koiro.

[Indication of raw materials, etc.] ①
 Name: Processed soy sauce product (Koiro)
 Ingredient names: soy sauce, amino acid solution, high fructose corn syrup / alcohol, seasonings (amino acids, etc.),
      Sweetener (licorice), caramel color
     (Some include soybeans and wheat)
 Contents: 1.8 liters
 Expiration date: Approximately one and a half years from the filling date
 Storage method: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight



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