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Special Selection Hasamezu

Hasamezu tokoshi e 200ml (honjozo)

This product is a soy sauce exclusively for kake.

Hasamezu tokoshi e 200ml (honjozo)

WEB member special price648 yen(tax included)

Hasamezu Tokoshihe uses only the first shibori moromi that has been aged for more than two years, made from high-quality whole soybeans grown in Mie Prefecture.
It's a soy sauce with umami that takes time slowly and carefully.
Please use it for sashimi, chilled food, etc.

[Indication of raw materials, etc.]
Product name: Koikuchi soy sauce (honjo)
Ingredients: soybeans (produced in Mie Prefecture), wheat, salt

Contents: 200 ml
Expiration date: 12 months from the date of filling
Storage method: Store at room temperature avoiding direct sunlight
     *Store in the refrigerator after opening
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