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Standard Hasamezu Soy Sauce

"Hasamezu soy sauce" is a rich soy sauce that beautifully finishes Japanese food

This is the best-selling product at Fukuoka Soy Sauce Shop.
We offer about 20 kinds of abundant variations and sizes.
Instead of boiling the soybeans in water, steaming them at high pressure traps the umami ingredients in the soybeans. In addition, it is a processed soy sauce product made by adding vegetable amino acids to ordinary soy sauce from this brew, making it easier to use in cooking than conventional soy sauce.
It is mellow and not spicy, and its salt content is reduced to two-thirds that of other soy sauces; it is also used as a hospital food in some hospitals. A best-selling product that spreads by word of mouth without spending advertising expenses!

Special Hasamezu Series

In this high-class soy sauce series, we have left the best parts of the brewing process in order to not forget the original flavor of soy sauce, while seeking out modern tastes in soy sauce.
We are particular about raw materials and manufacturing methods, and it took many years to carefully select domestically produced whole soybeans, re-prepare them, and develop them.
This high-class soy sauce takes 2 years to produce.
You can enjoy a deeper taste than other soy sauces, so please use it if you want to stick to cooking, festive dishes for special occasions, New Year's, gifts, etc.
Some restaurants use it not only for Japanese food but also for Western food such as carpaccio.
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