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Halal honjozo sauce

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This naturally-prepared soy sauce is one of our higher-end products. Though prepared in only one stage, it is left to age for about two to three years. All the processes starting from preparation are carried out manually. Fine to the taste buds, this soy sauce has a light taste and aromatic flavor. In addition to sushi and sashimi, it makes a good partner for all kinds of cooking styles, such as cold tofu, boiled vegetables, and simmered or stir-fried dishes. Due to the natural filtration process without the use of a filter medium, some sediments may remain and the product may appear cloudy. This is not a defect.

Examples of cooking

Simmered dishes, stir-fried vegetable, sashimi, boiled vegetable, etc.

【Indication of raw materials】
Product name Halal honjozo sauce
Raw materials name Soybean,Wheat,Salt
Inner capacity 200ML
Expiration date Lasts one year after canning.
Refrigerate after opening.