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honjozo 900ML

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This is a naturally-brewed (honjozo) first-pressed soy sauce using 100% whole soybeans produced in Japan. Oligosaccharide, which does not upset the stomach, is used to sweeten the soy sauce. No chemical seasoning is used, and you can enjoy the original flavor of the non-pasteurized soy sauce.

Light-colored soy sauce to make Japanese dishes look elegant“Hasamezu Soy Sauce”

Even though it is a condiment, this soy sauce is so tasty on its own that it can be called “a dish that can’t be eaten with chopsticks”. The name is Hasamezu Soy Sauce, a long-term favorite among the customers of Fukuoka Shoyu.

Examples of cooking

Sashimi, boiled vegetables (ohitashi), etc.

【Indication of raw materials】
Product name honjozo 900ML
Raw materials name Soybean,Wheat,Salt,Oligosaccharide
Inner capacity 900ML
Expiration dateLasts one year after canning.
Preservation methodPlease keep refrigerated.