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Hasamezu KOIIRO1.8L

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Our best-selling product, made from merging the traditional techniques, which are handed down since the establishment of Fukuoka Shoyu-Ten, with new, innovative ideas. This all-rounded series can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as for dipping, sprinkling, or stewing.

Light-colored soy sauce to make Japanese dishes look elegant“Hasamezu Soy Sauce”

Even though it is a condiment, this soy sauce is so tasty on its own that it can be called “a dish that can’t be eaten with chopsticks”. The name is Hasamezu Soy Sauce, a long-term favorite among the customers of Fukuoka Shoyu.

Examples of cooking

Simmered meat and potatoes, rice with raw egg (tamagokake gohan), stir-fried dishes, simmered dishes, cold tofu (hiya-yakko), etc.

【Indication of raw materials】
Product nameHasamezu KOIIRO1.8L
Raw materials name Soy sauce (brewed),Amino acid liquid,
High-fructose corn syrup,Alcohol,
Seasoning(Amino acid),Sweetener
(Licorice),Caramel color(Contains soy,
some of the raw wheat)
Inner capacity1.8L
Expiration dateLasts one year and a half after canning.
Preservation methodPlease store away from direct sunlight.


Soy Sauce Malt


  • Rice Malt 200g
  • Hasamezu koiiro 200cc


  • Add malted rice and Hasamezu Soy Sauce into a clean container and mix them well.
  • During 1 week of fermentation period at room temperature, mix it once a day with a spoon so the malted rice gets evenly exposed to the air.
  • It is ready when it gets thickened.
    ※Keep it in the refrigerator.

☆Examples of cooking

→Vegetable side dish、Egg over rice、Cold Udon Noodles、Mix with tuna、etc