Traditional preparation using wooden buckets. The "Kirin Compressor" and soy sauce brewing house are registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs as tangible cultural properties.

YUKI-HOMARE 630yen(including taxes) YUKI-HOMARE("Snow Crested)is the name of a special kind of soybean grown in Hokkaido,Japan's northernmost island.This soybean contains about 1.5times more protein than ordinary soybeans and with this ingredient we have crafted soy sauce of rich flavor.It goes especially well with plain Japanese dishes like cold tofu or boiled spinach.

honjozo series

This is a naturally-brewed (honjozo) first-pressed soy sauce using 100% whole soybeans produced in Japan. Oligosaccharide, which does not upset the stomach, is used to sweeten the soy sauce. No chemical seasoning is used, and you can enjoy the original flavor of the non-pasteurized soy sauce.