Traditional preparation using wooden buckets. The "Kirin Compressor" and soy sauce brewing house are registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs as tangible cultural properties.

Dried strawberries 473yen(including taxes) High-grade strawberries produced in Japan are dried over time to remove the water content, thereby sealing in the flavor and sour taste. They are then covered with granulated sugar. The flavor of this jelly-like snack will find many fans among our female customers.

Karigane Kyoto tea1kg 4,200yen(including taxes) Produced in Yamashiro of Kyoto, complicated steps are not needed to prepare this tea. Simply pour hot water over it, and you are ready to enjoy this mildly sweet and flavorful tea.

rice boiled with red beans 420yen(including taxes) Superhit product. Made from glutinous rice that does not require washing as well as prepared beans. Simply cook them with a rice cooker to enjoy this authentic steamed sekihan.