Traditional preparation using wooden buckets. The "Kirin Compressor" and soy sauce brewing house are registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs as tangible cultural properties.

Halal, according to the rules of Islam, refers generally to things for which their use is permitted. A Halal product can be identified by the Halal certification label on the product package. To acquire this Halal certification, endorsement from the certifying body of the relevant country is needed. In Japan, more emphasis is now placed on "hospitality for foreign visitors" with the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. This has also led to greater attention on Halal certification. What is Halal certification? (More Info)>>
Special Hasamezu
Special Hasamezu
Special Hasamezu
Halal pure brew soy sauce
Special Hasamezu
honjozo 900ML
Hasamezu KOIIRO1.8L
  • November 2013 Participate in spot sale in Singapore
    Acquire the Halal certification for some products in a factory
  • December 2013 Release a new product of demiglace sauce soy sauce
    (As for the handling only in head office store)
    Particiate the Halal training and acquire the pre-inspection certification
  • January 2014 Attend the Halal party
    Appear in rocal Iga newspaper is called "Deega"
  • February 2014 Build a cookhouse for exclusive use of the Halal
  • March 2014 Establish a new company in Singapore
  • March 2014 Online shop is now open.(More Info)>>>>