Traditional preparation using wooden buckets. The "Kirin Compressor" and soy sauce brewing house are registered under the Agency for Cultural Affairs as tangible cultural properties.

August 1895 Chota Fukuoka establishes Fukuoka Shoyu-Ten
April 1951 Joins Mie Prefecture Shoyu and Miso Industry Cooperative Union
August 1953 Debris flow from Typhoon No. 28 causes partial destruction of the brewing house

Fierce lightning and thunder continuously shook Shimagahara Village, destroying the farmland and houses. Fukuoka Shoyu-Ten was also badly struck. The disaster left scars on the Kirin Compressor that remain visible till today. A monument was later erected in Shogatsudo of Kanbodaiji Temple with the hope that such disasters will not occur again in future.


August 1955 Invests officially in August to become a shareholder of Mie-Kenjousya.
January 1960 Transfers the business operations of Fukuoka Shoyu-Ten to Tomohiro Kawamukai
1962 Embarks on the research and development of new soy sauce products
1963 Becomes a member of the Shimagahara Commerce and Industry Association
1965 Efforts in research and development leads to the trademark registration of "Hasamezu" as a product name
June 1998 The Kirin Compressor and brewing house are registered as tangible cultural properties under the Agency for Cultural Affairs Registration No.: 24-0015 One-story wooden building with tiled roof. Building area: 204 m2

Registered tangible
cultural property plate

February 2004 Incorporation of Fukuoka Shoyu Co., Ltd.
January 2009 Keizo Kawamukai is appointed as the third-generation owner
November 2013 Obtains Halal certification for the factory and a part of the products
March 2014 Establishes Singapore Office